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Castor el-Saeid ([personal profile] boneshaker) wrote in [community profile] applesaucedream2016-04-04 11:28 am

live fast die young bad girls do it well [closed]

Hotwiring the car was the work of a moment. He's feeling pretty fucking pleased with himself right now. He's never done this, but hey, he's seen movies. Now the engine sputters to life and he sits up, both hands gripping the wheel, staring through the dust-caked windshield with a burst of exhilaration.

The regime will have noted their escape by now. They probably only have minutes before there's a small army on their tail, and miles of desert to rip through. He's not scared. He just hotwired a car. He's got a partner in crime. This is going to be awesome.

He revs the engine once and looks to the passenger seat, where his partner is loading a shotgun. He has no idea who this guy is, but he's here, and he's hot, and that's pretty much all he could ask for.

He grins. "Ready?"


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