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 photo formal gardens rp_zpsmcfczhgw.png

Dreamers of Manhattan, you've lucked out. Rather than finding yourselves in some kind of dystopian nightmare, you'll end up in a series of formal gardens on a lovely day, the air filled with birdsong and a cloud-scattered sky arching overhead. Some of the gardens look a bit wilder than others, in an artful sort of way, but it's clear that all of the gardens are well kept and frequently tended. Aside from each other, dreamers aren't likely to run into any creature larger than a rabbit. True, there are no actual exits - every doorway or arbor leads to another garden - but that's hardly a problem. It's beautiful, it's safe... what could go wrong?

Well, that depends on the dreamer's honesty. No uncomfortable truths will drop unbidden from anyone's mouths like last time, but the dreamers will find that any time they attempt to lie or prevaricate, they'll be beset by a sneezing fit. A tiny lie by omission might only prompt that uncomfortable feeling of an impending sneeze; a larger, more significant (or more stubborn) fib will lead to a sneeze attack so crippling that the dreamer might just need to sit down for a minute.

You could try to pass it off as allergies, if you could get the words out without making everything worse. But while telling the truth is not compulsory, lying is punishable - and pretty well obscured - by sneezes.

[OOC: Usual dream party rules apply. All are welcome to participate regardless of whether they've been apped in the game or not. Dreamers can remember or forget the events of the dream at the players' discretion.]
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The Rift wouldn't say it's sorry for the fit it threw the other day, because the Rift never needs to apologize. It is (mostly) perfect, and all of its decisions are well reasoned and just. Obviously. But perhaps it has fallen into a bit of a post-tantrum sulk, because this dream is milder than one might expect. In fact, it's downright nice.

The dreamers will find themselves in an archipelago of small islands - most only a few acres in size - connected by narrow strips of sand or pebbles. The surrounding waters are calm. Little waves lap against the shorelines, and no rising tide will cut the islands off from one another. The islands themselves seem to have been lifted from every climate zone on Earth and several from beyond. Some are tropical, some colder and home to hardy conifers, some mossy and boulder-strewn, some covered in multicolored sand and odd, coral-like trees.

Most of the islands boast some kind of manmade or otherwise non-native structure, be it as small as a bench or as large as a pavilion, though there are no houses or shops to be seen. It's more like parkland, just civilized enough for a nice picnic. Some of the islands even have little grills, and a sufficiently motivated dreamer might be able to rustle up some hot dog or burger fixings if they poke around a bit.

And they'll have an extra pair of eyes to help with their searching, because their beloved dæmons have returnedagain. Or perhaps they're being introduced for the first time. Regardless, it's the bi-annual dæmon dream party!
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 photo spookydream_zps6b871cec.jpeg

The woods are dark and deep, but not particularly lovely. If anything, they feel dangerous, as if something terrible might come lurching out from behind any given tree and tear into the nearest warm body. What that terrible thing might be is anyone's guess. A cat with hands? Slenderman? Stegosaurus? Actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf? All of the above in a horrible mob? It's anyone's guess. But every dreamer will be absolutely convinced that there is something unspeakable out there, and that it's after them.

The dreamers have two things on their side. The first is that there is actually nothing dangerous lurking in these woods (with the possible exception of other dreamers). The pervasive terror the dreamers are feeling is just that: a rift-given feeling, nothing more and nothing less. That snapping twig or rustle in the undergrowth is almost certainly just a squirrel or something else equally harmless.

The second is that no dreamer is alone. They all will be reunited with - or introduced to - their dæmons, a source of comfort in this dark, intimidating wilderness. However frightened the dreamers might be, at least they have someone with them who definitely doesn't want them dead.

[OOC: as ever, any and all are welcome! You don't have to be in the game to join the fun. Dreamers can remember or forget the events of the dream at the players' discretion. And the party only stops when you want it to; feel free to backtag forever.]
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 photo encampmentunderthesea_zps98ceddce.jpg

Since the dreamers of Manhattan had such a lovely time at the last vaguely-nautical-themed party, the Rift has decided to step things up a notch. Tonight, the dreamers will find themselves in what appears to be a city very much like the one they inhabit in the waking world, full of towering skyscrapers, neon signs, and heavy traffic. But there is one rather crucial difference: this city is located deep underwater, and the aforementioned traffic is mostly whales and fish, with the occasional submersible thrown into the mix.

The walls and windows are heavily reinforced to withstand the pressure of the water outside, and the people who dwell in these buildings seem to be doing rather well for themselves, for the most part. Buildings are connected by enclosed walkways, so barring any horrible accidents, the dreamers should have no problem getting around without getting too wet.

Much like the city they inhabit in the waking world, some areas are more obviously affluent than others, and the dreamers are as likely to stumble upon an upscale club as an underwater pub. But while the chances of a full structural breakdown are slim, there are definitely some areas that are on the leaky side, and a general sense of claustrophobia pervades the city wherever you might find yourself.

Explore. Or, if you're feeling particularly ambitious, attempt to escape. Either way, take care - it's hard to say what might be lurking in the darkness just beyond the city lights.

[ooc: Y'all know the drill. All characters are welcome, whether they are in the game or not. Characters can remember or forget the events of the dreaming at the player's discretion. And the party never stops - backtag into infinity!]
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 photo JulyDreamPartyImage01_zps8d9e51ff.jpg

Picture a house. Actually, picture two houses. They're (almost) identical structures that share an uneasy coexistence, tangled together on a quantum level. One of the houses is Good: bright, cheerful, full of comfortable furniture and a pervasive feeling of safety. The other house is Evil: dingy, dilapidated, and haunted by the dreamers' greatest fears.

The good news - and bad news - is that travel from one house to the other is as simple as passing through a door. All a dreamer has to do is walk through a doorway, any doorway, and they'll find themselves in whichever house they weren't in before they crossed the threshold. Perhaps they'll step out of a beautiful library and find themselves in a threatening hallway - or perhaps they'll flee a menacing kitchen and find themselves in a perfectly safe dining room. That is the nature of the houses' entanglement: every door is a portal between the two.

There are, of course, complications. Dreamers in one house can't perceive the other; if you're in the Good house and looking through a doorway, the space beyond will look as nice and inviting as the space you're in now (until you step through that doorway, of course). Dreamers also can't really perceive one another if they're in the same room, but in different houses, though they might see a flash of movement out of the corner of their eye, or think they heard something.

Perhaps the greatest complications are the houses themselves. They have rather strong personalities, and they aren't very fond of one another. Each house will want to keep you if it can (keep you safe, in the case of the Good house, or keep you for itself, in the case of the Evil one). Dreamers may attempt to cross a hall and find the door that looked open and inviting a moment ago is now barred shut, leaving them trapped in the hall - or have doors suddenly close in their faces before they can end up anywhere unpleasant. Still, there's only so much either house can do, and even a locked door can be jimmied open or busted down.

Escape from the houses is possible, but the formal gardens beyond are similarly entangled, with neatly trimmed lawns and expertly plotted flower beds becoming overgrown tangles of nettles and algae-choked reflecting pools. An archway is as good as a door, as far as the gardens are concerned, and there are plenty of arbors and arches over the paths. Of course, dreamers may find that a sound arbor in the Good garden has collapsed in the Evil one… and heaven help anyone who dares to explore the hedge maze.

[ooc: y'all know the drill. ALL characters are welcome, regardless of whether they're in the game. Characters can remember or forget the events of the dream at the players' discretion.

Also, this dream party marks the aforementioned calendar freeze. For the next three weeks, the IG date will sit on July 3rd. Posts dated July 3rd or earlier are allowed and encouraged. The calendar will resume forward motion at a 4:1 ratio on Saturday, July 26th.]
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[[cw: claustrophobia; also egregious liberties taken with formatting]]

I know it all. I know everything:
the little secrets that you keep.
I'm gonna haunt your dreams at night;
you'll have to hide those kitchen knives.

I̻͙͛ ̞̰̋ͦ̋̚s͖̮̯t͂̍í̗͉̮̼̻̊̑͒̔ͦl̤͌̓l̻ͣ̾̿̆ ͎̯̑g̫̠̈̀̏͒̊et̠̦͔͈̓ ͋̽n͍̱͖̠̥͋ͫ̓i̪̜̩̝̱ͣͫͪ͛̂ͨͬğ͙̝͊ͧͮ̚h̲̹̲̪̘͙ͣͭͣͣ̚t͇̠m̰̯̱̝͈͉̹aͨ͗̀̿̚r̽e̟̞̭̠̎̇s̺̅ͭ̂.̩̘̲̥͍̋͑̅̈́͗̔̚

Johnny's running, it doesn't matter what from, only that he keeps running, doesn't stop, doesn't look back, Orpheus and Eurydice but she's not a longlost love she's a m͖͉͖̏͒̽̂̓͒̚ọ̜͕̖̰̝̹̏͋ͪ͛́̂͆ṇ̝̲̫̱̯͇s͎̱ͯte̦̙͉̻͚͎͍ͭ̐͛̆͆r͉̙͔͖͇͇̋ͦͪ̐ͧ and she's coming for him.

N̲̩̣ͪ̑͛̈ŏ͖̭͈̟̃̔̾̏̾ ͔̤̙̙̻ͤ̀̀͂ͦ̇̚ͅǒ͓͔͔̪̿͒ͣ̃n̞̪̹̮̝͂̍̚ẹ̭̖̮̺͇͍̒ͫͯ ̮̱e̗̪̥̍ͩ̅̋̄v̹̪͍̪͓̤̗͌̈́e̪ͯ̌͐r̥̝̭̪͊ͨ̃̒ ̮̮̩̠r̤̺̖͚̰͚͂̓͗͋e̻̭ȁ̑̐̿ͣl̼ͣ̑͊ͥ̏ly̬̘̞͇̻̮͐ͮͮͧ̽̾ ̎ͩg̯͇͇̲̰̙ͧͩ̾̉ͬē͕̗̣̪͙͖̙ͭ̐̇ͧt͖̅̏͗s̔̾̌̒̎ ̟̖̝͓ͩ̆̄̊ŭ̬̞̰̣̽̉̓ͫs̋ͬ̎̓ͪ̑̊e̠͚̭̼̎͂d̹̙ͭ̃̒͊̿ͪ̇ ̦͓͕̻͈̟͑t̩̮̺͙ͯͧ͐͒͂ͅó̤̤͎̭ͪ̄͒͐ ͉̦͕̣̮̯̂̽ͯͣn͚͍͛i͈̻ͦ̔̚g̬̟̤͖̺̿͋̏̆̾h̗͍̜̘ͦ̓̂͗ͨ̚t͎͕̩̪̯̓̎̇ͫm̞͎̹͓̪̠̩͂̓ͥ͂a̳̿̈r̥͕̤̫̝͕ͪě̬̖̝̖ͮ̇̇͐ͧs̙.̻̰͖̪̙͙͋

Echoes bouncing off the walls. The tunnel warps around him, dirt, brick, vile rotting wood, bending and creaking and twisting to narrow the passage up ahead, making it harder to move, forcing him down, hands in the dirt, crawling now, scrambling and desperate. She's very, very close.

F̟̹̙ͅͅȏ͇̙̈̈͐r̰̓ ̮͖̺̩̻̠͗ͨ̈͗ă̝̬͍͔̾́ ̉̉͋w͎ͭ̇h̼̟͉̠͕̻̲͑̽̾̓͗i̳͎͚̹͎̎͑ͪͯ̽ͫͫl͔͉͙̥͚̽̓̏é͒ ̙̻ͧͥͨ͌̏ͥ̿ẗ̲́͛̏ͤ͆h͔̠̙̊̾̏̒̈ͣe̺͎r͚̯̣̙e͙̥̦͓̖̓̑̅̍ ͎̠͇̬͈̤̲ͮI͓̳̞͛̾̔͌ͅ ̝t̅͑̓̾̑̏ͣr̬̻̐i͙ͯ̂̽̆̇̒e̩̻̩̦̘̪ͮ́͛d̞͗̌͂ͥ̒̒͊ ̻͇̥̖͓̘͉̄͐̍̏͊̌̔ẹ͎̠̼̫͇̥̏͐ͣ̆v̼͙̐̓ͣe͕͕̞͔͈̪̋̀ͦͭṙ͓̦̗͕ͮͅy͔̼ͥ ̙͙͚̥͔̱̾̿ͯp͕͚̱̟̋͋ͩͪi̞̠̪̤͖͂̓̅̽̃̓̍ͅl͓̩͇̯̤͚̟ĺ̌̓̋̒ͫ ̟̟i̗̻̗̻̞̞͒ͧͪ̓͐m͎̫͚̩̬͓ä͋ͤ̓̓g̪̭̚ỉ͖̯̭̠͉̐̌͐̌ń͓͖͓̩͍ͧ͗̏̆ͤa̳̜̖̻̹͑ͥͬ͊̽̍b̬͎̱̲͙̳ͣ̍̒́l̹͉̦͇̓̇ͫ͆ͤ̊̊e̼̲̪̬͕

He's heard this refrain before, or maybe seen it? Typeset before him from his very own fingertips. That stupid story he never should have told. It keeps catching up to him. Again and again. Can't get away from it. It's in him now. The house, the abomination of it, it's in his blood and bones, the tingle in his hands when he reshapes architecture like a goddamn monster, exactly like the thing that is chasing him, chasing himself. It's an ouroboros and there's no escape, inevitably, that's the way the thing works, after all. Escape would defeat the purpose. Maybe dreams are punishment for his lifetime of fuckup. Maybe they're reminders that nothing will ever change. Maybe maybe maybe.

S̯̲̙̯̘̜ͮͧ̒̇ͫ̏l͓̩̜̝̭͉̤̂̎̑ͧ̎ͫe̻ͨ̑̽͋ep̦̲̫̱̘̅̎͊͊̆͗'̩̳̤̠̰̩̍ͥ̈́̽̍̏s̭͕̬͇̃̋̀ͅ ͇͙̠͉̩̩̽̎͒̂ͤͯb̞̹̔ê̜̹̖͕͒́̅e̖̞̙͍ͦ̈̾̒ͪͦñ͋̈́͆ͩͥ̾ ̣s̭͍͎͓͋̌̂̐͂tͬ͊ͤͤa̎̿̋ͪ̑ͤl̬̲̪͎̟ͮ̈̀̑̄k̳̮̯̓̈́̄̍ͯ̋̐i̳ͤͫ̂n̘͙̜̘͕͍ͥg̃͋͗̾ ̥̾m͈̭̳̗͇̓ͬ̈́̄ͅe̘̫̣̽̾̍̑ͫ ͧͬ̔̓ͣf̠̞͚̽̍̃o̤̩̩̓ͣr̹̩ͬ̍ ̠̣̩̣̙̌̽͐̔͒tͪͨ͋̍ö̭̼̝̪́͊̃o̫̯̞̾ ̗̻͎ͬ͐̔̋̀̓̑l͇͓ͬo͕͖̼̤̹̜͊ͦͮͯ̇nͦ͊g̬̤̪̪̝͕̲̊͂̄͋ ͙͕̥̣͗t͔̤̦ͦ͑̑̉ͤ̚o̳̖̞̣ͦͭ̄̆ ͈̊́͒r͕̭͉̝̹ͭ͛̓ͭe̒ͩ̑ͣm̠̲̤̪̯̄̌ͩ̉̒̃e̘̜̦͔̪͈ͅmͫ̃͛̆̏͊͆bͮͦē̉ͮ̓r̻̜̟̙͓ͬ͂̈́.̻̣̂̄͊

Johnny runs writhes in the dirt, the corridor so tight now that it's pressing around him on all sides, oh god oh god, too small, too close, can't get a hand free to change it, can't breathe at all.

But still here. Still alive, for a certain definition of life. Dreamed up life. Pinioned and trapped in his little enclosure, worm on a hook, fly in a web, the tail of the snake. Devouring himself.

Things settle. He's scared, but not panicking. He's not sure he's still being chased. Maybe he's already caught. Maybe she wasn't behind him so much as all around, housing him. Now she's trying to crush him. He's still breathing, in fact his breath is all he can hear now, hot and loud and heavy, but he can't shake the sensation of being smothered, wrung out.

And there's something else now. Something familiar. A little shift in the atmosphere. Hard to parse. Everything's more tangible now. Not a proper dream. He recognizes it all too quickly, too easy with all the traces left in him, sense memory lighting him up like a goddamn beacon. Oh no, no.

This is not better.

He's here.
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 photo tumblr_mk4dl8Cqzk1qitc0qo1_500_zps9a9cfe5e.jpg

The water is calm, and the night sky is filled with stars. The only light is natural: a patchy, bioluminescent glow coming from the water below, and the bright swath of the Milky Way above. It's not much, but it's more than enough to see by.

The dreamers will find themselves sitting in their own little rowboats, each stocked with two oars, a length of rope, some cushions, and a little picnic basket full of snacks. There is no visible shoreline, but it won't take the dreamers long to realize theirs are not the only boats in this shallow sea. Anything stirring in the water, be it fish or paddle, causes phosphorescent plankton to glow a bright blue, so there isn't really anywhere to hide.

Feel free to paddle around and visit the other dreamers, perhaps tying your boats together and sharing your snacks in an impromptu picnic. Or you could go for a swim - the bioluminescence makes it difficult to see the bottom, but it's not too terribly deep, so the risk of drowning is all but nonexistent. This setting, unlike the last one, isn't actively out to kill you. Or you could simply lie back and look at the stars.

[ooc: Same drill as always, folks. All are welcome, regardless of whether or not your character is in the game. Characters may remember or forget dream shenanigans at the player's discretion.]
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Congratulations, dreamers of Manhattan - you get to go to Oxford! It's probably not the Oxford with which any of the dreamers are familiar, though. This one is a bit… different.

 photo DreamPartyImage_zps22e8499e.jpg

The dreamers will find themselves in Jordan College, the oldest and grandest of all the colleges in this version of Oxford, a rambling structure that includes dining halls, libraries, classrooms, chapels, courtyards, a botanical garden, and an extensive network of cellars and tunnels beneath the ground. There are plenty of places to explore!

Sharp-eyed dreamers might notice some subtle architectural quirks. Doors look larger than they'd need to be for solely human use, and every staircase has a little ramp built in - not large enough for a wheelchair, but large enough for, say, a small, scampering animal.

And speaking of - the dreamers are a bit different here, too. Upon arrival, they will realize that they now possess dæmons: physical manifestations of their souls. Be gentle with them; they're undoubtedly confused by being suddenly made manifest. They come with all the side effects and complications inherent with dæmons. They can't travel more than a few yards from their person without it being painful for both parties… and it probably won't take the dreamers long to realize they shouldn't be touching one another's dæmons, what with the shared sensations and all. Still, it's a rare opportunity for the dreamers to chat with their own souls - and the souls of others.

What could possibly go wrong?

[Mod note: you know the drill. All players and characters are welcome, regardless of whether they're current members or not. Characters will remember or forget any and all dream events at players' discretion.]
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Jodie Holmes, age six, sits in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room. One wall is lined with a mirror that is not really a mirror. There are cameras mounted in the corners, their power lights like unblinking red eyes in the dimness (not darkness; they left the light in the hall on for her). She surveys the sparsely furnished room with her back against the headboard and her chin atop her teddy bear. There is a flashlight on her bedside table, and she knows Cole is just outside. They should be safe here, and she tries to be brave - brave for Aiden, whose fear shivers the tether that binds them.

"Don't be scared, Aiden," she says, hugging her teddy closer. "We're gonna go to sleep, and nothing bad is gonna happen." The phrase has a practiced cadence to it, like a prayer, or a magic spell. But God hasn't stopped the monsters, and she doesn't know if she believes in the good kind of magic anymore.

She pushes her legs beneath the covers, but she doesn't lie down. Something is coming. She can feel it.
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Poor Johnny had been at least slightly doomed from the moment he agreed to help; Zagreus has a reputation to keep up, after all, and no good turn goes unpunished. Was that how the saying went? It's hard to remember things exactly, in dreams.

And in dreams they still most certainly are. Leaving the dream-house had been no trouble (Zagreus breathes a muted sigh of relief) and once on familiar generic dream-ground he has no more qualms. That house had almost certainly been bad news in some form or fashion, and he had not been at all grieved to leave it behind. Johnny probably hadn't either, inasmuch as he can feel things in this state.

The dreaming becomes less generic as they travel, taking on a heavy, oceanic cast and a distorted feel. Now they're in his element, cold and salt and pressurised, where only he can move through with ease, like some prehistoric fishy behemoth. Where before the dreaming had felt limitless, now it feels closed in on every side. Dream architecture creeps in as they progress, pulled from a dream that was clearly unable to decide what it was about. Rotted wood and worn stone mingle, as though the location couldn't pick between a shipwreck or a decrepit marble ruin, and got caught in some liminal state. The vertiginous geometry likewise refuses to take sides in the matter.

His charge he mostly ignores, until they reach an interior chamber of more cohesive design, though no less warped. The strain of an environment being bowed by an alien pressure is a metallic submarine groan just outside hearing. Zagreus takes stock of the experiment and gauges it a tentative success.
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Tonight's dream party is, unconventionally enough, not organised by the rift, but by Topher!

Thing is, he was sort of supposed to only pull in a few very specific, targeted people, and all of a sudden, this whole lot comes pouring in. See, he's working with someone with the power of ability amplification, making Topher's dream abilities obscenely powerful for tonight, and he's not quite used to it.

The dreamers will find themselves in an old mansion at nighttime. Lots and lots of rooms; several bedrooms and bathrooms of various sizes, studies, library, sitting rooms, kitchen, dining rooms, games/billiards room, even secret passageways... There's a fire roaring in every grate, everything is warmly lit, with lots of dark corners to sneak off to, comfortable couches, plenty of drinks tables. There's also a pervasive feeling that you're safe, that you can relax. That whispered secrets in the dark will be kept. And everyone will feel much less compelled to judge or mock upon hearing those secrets. A night for confessions. All of a sudden, it's hard to resist opening up...

Of course, the dreamers don't know there's someone listening in, seeing everything that goes on, sometimes even manipulating things to go the way he wants. Certain people with psychic/telepathic/dream abilities may eventually cotton on, though. But it'll take a while. But the secrets you tell in the meantime may not remain secrets for that long. Especially if those secrets are useful to certain other important players in the city, quite apart from the two factions our rifties have become familiar with.

[Mod note: Usual dream party rules apply. All players and characters are welcome, current members or no. Characters will remember or forget all dream events at players' discretion. Bear in mind that any events or information shared in this dream will be available to Topher, and, by extension, probably his bosses, such as Beatrice.]
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Spring is in the air, and monsters are in your head. It will be hard to run from your fears tonight, though -- for you see, you are the thing lurking in your nightmares. Whether it's something that goes bump in the night, a ferocious animal, or even a person you find intimidating, you have become that which frightens you. Anyone who encounters you in this dreamscape will see the shape of you nightmares, and should you look into a mirror, well....

Dreamers will find themselves in an oversized funhouse whose twists, turns, and intersections turn it into a maze. There is no entrance and there is no exit, only branching hallways, tunnels, and ladders that divide and rejoin in baffling combinations. By the look of it, the funhouse has been here for years, slowly falling into decay as its lights burn out one by one and the bright paint chips and fades. The machinery, however, is still working, still ready to surprise these new guests. Hallways end suddenly in long, steep slides back down into the depths, floors lurch under dreamers' feet, and entire corridors spin horizontally. Elsewhere, dreamers might become lost in the mirror maze or get dropped into a vast ball pit.

[Mod note: Usual dream party rules are a go: apply the dream's transformation to your character(s) as you see fit, and decide for yourself whether they will remember these experiences in the morning. Both members and non-members are welcome to play all characters on this post, including those which are not currently part of the game's cast. Have at!]
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Welcome to Caerdroia. Though at first glance this world seems calm, even idyllic, closer inspection will reveal a startling lack of linearity. A doorway in one place can suddenly lead to another entirely, the locals going about their business seem totally unaware of your presence, and you may find reminders of home that are less than welcome -- and less than safe.

The countryside seems almost designed to set one at one's ease. Gentle, rolling hills overlook a town in the near distance, and herds of friendly cows cluster here and there (with unknown intent).

The Garden of Curiosities is a walled-off park. Inside, streams and paths wind through beautiful landscaping, and animals can be found on the loose everywhere. For the most part, these creatures are friendly (or at least indifferent) toward visitors, though their appearance might perturb. One might see an animal one has never encountered before, or one might find the garden inhabited by creatures from one's own world that are somehow changed, whether in size, color, or behavior. And, of course, one might find something rather more predatory has taken up residence….

The town hall never seems to be in the same place twice. Finding your way through the streets to any one particular building is an exercise in frustration, as the town seems to shift and change whenever part of it is out of your sight. The hall itself isn't much better once you get inside; stairwells have a habit of appearing on the ceiling, hallways turn into dead ends while your back is turned, and floors are liable to open up into fathomless pits.

The Labyrinth is where many journeys seem destined to end. The way out is, more often than not, the way in. Try to leave one part of Caerdroia, and the doorway might very well open into the labyrinth. And, like any good labyrinth, this one is home to a Minotaur. And, like any good Minotaur, this one would be more than happy to tear you to pieces.

[OOC: Once again, the shared dream is open to all characters, including those not currently in the game and those belonging to players who are not currently members. Once again, too, players are free to choose whether their characters see the dream for what it is, whether they are forced to abide by its rules, and whether they will remember this in the morning.]
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The residents of Manhattan will once again find themselves drawn into the currents of the rift when they sleep tonight. Once again, too, the rift is drawing in people from other worlds, both those who might one day find themselves pulled through in waking life and those who might yet escape its grasp.

Tonight, it seems, a celebration is in order. The ballroom of a country manor is the setting for tonight's gathering. Wood and marble gleam in the gas lighting, and a bar at one end of the room provides the, ahem, social lubricant some guests may require. At the other end, a staircase leads to a walkway that runs the entire parameter of the room, allowing guests to watch the dancing from above. While the party is localized in the ballroom, who knows what secret passages and hidden ways a grand old house like this one might conceal?

Those who appear here will find themselves wearing a disguise on arrival. Should the rift cause one to appear in a costume not of their liking (as it is fairly likely to do), an enormous wardrobe can be found through a door near the bar. In it, guests will find a seemingly infinite assortment of costumes and masks of all sizes and varieties ready for their use.

[Mod note: Usual dream-party rules apply. Both members and non-members are welcome to use any character, be they already in the game or no, and players can choose whether to have their characters remember this in the morning.]
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It's that time again! The rift has caught the good little dreamers of New York (and beyond) in its currents and washed them ashore on a desert island in a dream wonderland. This time, however, quite a noticeable change has come over each of the attendees of this nocturnal party.

All the people who arrive in this shared mindspace will find that they have been transformed into some sort of animal they find familiar or that resembles them. They will find that they can still communicate with one another and that they still have all their mental faculties, but might be a little…well…influenced by the forms they have taken on.

They will also find that they have been deposited in the middle of the largest, most elaborate playground they have ever seen. Climbing equipment and slides of the sort meant for human children are in evidence, but so are cat trees, meadows, tunnels, pools and ponds, aerial obstacle courses, and anything else the mind can imagine, for as far as the eye can see.

[OOC: The usual dream party rules apply: players apply the party's theme (in this case, transformation) to their characters according to their own discretion, and both members and non-members are more than welcome to use this post to try out characters not yet in the game. Usual dreaming rules also apply, in that players can choose whether or not their characters will remember this in the morning. Have at!]
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Ianto stares into his teacup and takes a sip of his tea, cold and bitter and blue. The Doctor fusses with the console, purposefully avoiding his eyes. Fitz watches him sadly. Ianto watches himself stare into his teacup. In a rush of realization, he thinks, this is a dream. I am dreaming.

Out of the corner of his eye, Zagreus says, "yes," slowly, obviously, affably acerbic. 

"Good," Ianto thinks, simultaneously enlightened and distracted, and takes a sip of his tea. Zagreus watches him irritably from the other side of the table.

"Good?" he queries. "Had I known you were a masochist, this would've gone differently."

"It means I can wake up," Ianto clarifies, and takes another sip of his tea, but there's nothing left to sip - the dregs have dried to the inside of the cup, cracked and clinging. There's something important he should be doing, but it's slipped away, nebulous and inconsequential. He knows he is alone, although he can't pinpoint how long it's been or how long it'll be. The sun streams through the glass, the wind makes patterns in the grass, quietly. He waits. He knows this is his kitchen in his house, but it isn't at all. It's closed off. It's too old-fashioned, too bright, too cold. It isn't his kitchen, but it is.

"If you had a headache, you only needed to say," Zagreus chides, pouring the bottle of paracetamol down the drain. The pills plink against the steel. He pats Ianto's head fondly. He needs to wash the taste away, but there's nothing left except mold, black and white and blue, and that isn't helpful at all. He stares into his teacup.

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Sometimes the rift only gives the denizens of Manhattan strange dreams. Sometimes, two people will find themselves together in the Dreaming. And other times? Other times, the Dreaming takes hold of dozens of people at once, throwing them all together into one shared mental space while they sleep.

Tonight is one of those nights -- what's more, the rift has outdone itself this time, telepathic tendrils reaching out through the rift into other universes to pull in even those who haven't been physically transported to this world...yet. You might meet a stranger from another world, or you might run into your next-door neighbor. You might notice right away that this isn't the waking world and that you are not alone, or you may drift through blissfully unaware that anything is out of the ordinary. You might not even remember this in the morning at all.

And that's probably going to be fortunate for at least a few people, because what you will notice is the overwhelming desire to get cozy with someone. It's chilly in this big house where you've found yourself, but luckily for you, there are beds, beanbags, and blankets galore, all of them just perfect for getting cuddly with your new friends. Consider yourself lucky that dream-world cameras can't upload photos to the real-world internet.

[It's a Dreaming party, and everyone is welcome! Tag a friend, tag a stranger, whatever! Everyone who's been pulled in will be feeling unusually friendly and cuddly, so get a-snuggling. Some characters (particularly those with strong telepathic defenses) may not be as strongly affected as others; the extent of the Dreaming's effect on each character is up to the mun's discretion.

Also, when we say everyone, we mean everyone. Non-members are welcome to tag into this post, so feel free to voice-test new characters here, and to invite friends who aren't in the game to come do some meeting and greeting. If you've come upon this post and aren't a member of this game, you are welcome to tag into this post.

For those who are familiar with the brbG parties, this is basically like that. Post a tag with your character's arrival and await replies. Time is bendy in here, so each character can have multiple replies/threads. Have fun!]


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